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NoriCure® UV L 53795

NoriCure® UV L 53795 is an overprinting varnish for exterior applications.

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NoriCure® UV L 53795 can be used for overprinting solvent-based ink systems (e.g. NORIPHAN® HTR N, NORIPHAN® N2K, NoriPET®) as well as for printing on PVC self-adhesives and rigid PVC. It is not suitable for printing on inks which contain silicones.

NoriCure® UV L 53795 protects the overprinted ink layer from UV-radiation, and is outdoor resistant.


NoriCure® UV L 53795 shows

  • easy processability (press-ready formulation)
  • unlimited screen open time
  • fast processing speed
  • high gloss
  • good adhesion to solvent-based screen printing inks as well as offset inks
  • good scratch and abrasion resistance


Further information can be found in our technical data sheets in the Downloads section

ApplicationsNoriCure® UV L 53795
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