NoriCure® ORL-1 - weather resistant 
UV curing screen printing lacquer

The weather resistant UV curing lacquer can be used for overprinting of solvent-based ink systems (for example, Thermo-Jet®, NoriPUR®) as well as for printing on PVC self-adhesive films, Polycarbonate, rigid PVC and PMMA.
NoriCure® ORL-1 is also suited to be printed on pre-treated films printed with NoriPET® (e. g. MacDermid Autotype Autoflex EBG 180).
NoriCure® ORL-1 protects the overprinted ink layer from UV-radiation and is outdoor resistant.

The protective lacquer is available as high gloss version NoriCure® ORL-1/001 and as matt version NoriCure® ORL-1/002. 
The screen printing lacquer shows excellent printing properties, good scratch and abrasion resistance as well as high chemical resistance.

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