Norikop Emulsions for perfect printing stencils

In order to achieve optimal printing results, screen and stencil production are of great significance.

The product range, Materials for Stencil Preparation, encompasses the well-established Norikop Emulsions along with perfectly matched auxiliaries.

Norikop Emulsions

The Norikop Diazo UV polymer emulsions cover a great part of the requirements for screen printing applications in the industrial and graphic sectors.

Compare propertiesEmulsions
Suitable for mesh (threads/cm)
Sensitizing of emulsion
Resistant to
Solvent-based inks
UV curing inks
Water-based UV curing inks
Water-based inks
Plastisol inks
Shelf life in month is approx.
Sensitized stored at 5 to 8 °C
Coated screens, not exposed
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Norikop 2 FP
Norikop 6 GT
Norikop 7 SD
Norikop 8 HR
Norikop 10 HQ
Norikop 11
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