NoriGlass OR (outdoor resistant) is a new glossy silicone free 2-component glass screen printing enamel ink.

The outdoor resistant ink has been developed for the second surface decoration of glass, particularly for backlit displays of vending or ticket machines.

NoriGlass OR is easy to process and shows high UV resistance.

The ink system shows low electrical conductivity, even the black color shades. Highly opaque black or white color shades and IR transparent colors are available as well.

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NoriGlass OR

Outdoor Resistant 2-Component Glass Decorating Ink - silicone free

  • Glass Screen Printing

NoriGlass TP

Glass Decorating Ink – silicone & halogen free

  • Glass Screen Printing
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NoriGlass OR
NoriGlass OR 930 Titanium White
NoriGlass OR 960 Deep Black
NoriGlass TP
NoriGlass TP 930 Titanium White
NoriGlass TP 960 Deep Black
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